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School News

Good Morning Scobey, School News is brought to you every day by your hometown healthcare providers, Daniels Memorial Health Care Center, Daniels County Vision and Scobey Dental, bringing quality health care to Daniels County and beyond.

In school news- This week is all about getting ready to start Divisional Tournaments on Wednesday the 26th in Glasgow for the Girls and Boys, It all starts with the first game tomorrow at 3pm our Scobey Boys will play at 6pm against the Richey/Lambert Fusion, our Girls will play on Thursday at 3:30pm against the Fairview Lady Warriors and with that there will be Divisional Dress Up Week starting tomorrow  Wednesday the 26th with White Out Wednesday= Wear all White, On Thursday the 27th will be Go Big Blue Thursday= Wear all Blue, Friday the 28th is Retro Day Friday= Drag out that old Spartan Gear, and on Saturday the 29th is Gold Rush Saturday= Wear all Gold Gear, this is for all grades to enjoy and participate in-K- 12. –😊

In Library News-

In other notes- Scholarship coming up that are due by March 1st are- Basin Electric, MT State Elks Vocational and the Phyllis Dolan Vink Memorial. You can go to the counseling center to pick up applications. There is also the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation, this is for Montana High School Seniors and you can get up to $15,000 to attend a public Montana University. You mut apply by March 15th– you can go to

School News, brought to you every day by Daniels County Vision, Daniels Memorial Healthcare and Scobey Dental, bringing quality Healthcare to Daniels County and beyond.  Have a great day.GOOD LUCK SPARTANS!!!

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