This is our hard working staff, here to serve you, the community!

Here’s a little about us.


This is John Machart, Manager of KCGM. Not shown are his 4 boys. John wears many hats.besides being a busy dad, he is an AG Pilot  during the summer months and Is a personal trainer/ and Coaches basketball.  



                   This is our lovable Jerod Nieskens. Jerod is our Sports Director and our Local Justice of the Peace. So Watch out:)                




Here is Stefanie Hande,

Our full time DJ. Our very own Stef has a Bachelor in Film and Television and works miracles with audio. Also has a very healthy obsession with Dr. Who, Supernatural and Game of Thrones.



Let us introduce Jedda Barron, our Office Manager.jedda 2

This is our Morning Man Tall Paul, who works diligently Monday – Friday. So tune in for great music to get you going in the morning.


Prime Country with a Blend!